How to preserve the quality of the beer?

2019. July 03.

Posted in Beer science

Thomas Menner birtok - Pannonhalma

The quality of large-scale beers is permanent for a while and it does not need any particular care because it has been heat-treated – preserved. However, the factor of pleasure is low, nutritional value is negligible. In case of high-quality craft beers, it is different!

One of the important criteria of high-quality beers is that they are not pasteurized. During pasteurizing beer, the point of the process is to suddenly increase the temperature of the liquid while keeping it below boiling point, and then suddenly cool it down. Thus, they reduce the number of microorganisms, deactivating them in this way. However, together with this, the pleasure value and the quality of the food or drink decreases. The number of microorganisms can be lowered with proper hygiene. In case of Thomas Menner beers the number of microorganisms is minimized, consequently the beer at proper temperature keeps its quality for a long time (not just months) without being pasteurized.

How long can quality beers be consumed?

The expiry date of each brand is always given. Opposite large-scale beers high- quality beers contain much more nutrients, and the chemical processes are not influenced by artificial enzymes. Thus, craft beers can be stored for months because they do not lose their nutritional value, just become more mature. However, in case of intensely hopped beers, the hop can lose from its strength as time passes. Of course, storage of all the beers must be suitable – cooling protected from sun, preferably below 15 degrees Celsius.