Our semi-dark beer is the middle member of the Thomas Menner 1701 range of beers. Its name means old or ancient beer. It comes from the area near Düsseldorf. Although its name is similar to the English ale and according to its technology it is also a top fermented drink, they do make difference. Altbier has a cleaner, stronger flavour, its alcohol content is 6 V/V%, its colour is reddish-brownish due to the special malts and it has full, malty taste. Besides the fruity, spicy features due to the yeast, using Challenger aroma hop gives it a kind of earthy and citrus aroma reminding to Earl Grey. Our Altbier is a sort of transition between the light ale and dark beers, however, with its definite character it is their worthy partner. Its fragrancy leads us to the pristine libraries of monasteries.