Experts know why Hefeweizen is so special and popular. If you do not know why, here are some facts. Hefeweizen consists of two words: hefe means yeast and weizen stands for wheat. It is the important feature of the style that they are top fermented, unfiltered – consequently fairly opalescent, quite turbid types of beer. The proportion of wheat malt / malt is minimum 50%, however, there are brews containing even more wheat malt. Thomas Menner Hefeweizen meeting these criteria is authentic Bavarian wheat beer with a bit of innovation. The taste of banana and clove, which is typical of wheat beer, is supplemented with some citrus fruit flavour due to dry-hopping (i.e. adding the hop after the wort has been cooled) with Citra. Therefore, you do not need to add lemon when you drink your beer.