The Menner story

Thomas Menner - latin

Agreement of Thomas Menner and the Abbot in Latin

Thomas Menner Ház - Pannonhalma

The Thomas Menner house 150 years ago

The middle of the 17th century

Settlers arrive in Hungary

In the middle of the 17th century the 30-Year War finished in Western Europe, and it was followed by famine and poverty. In Hungary only the uninhabited villages were left after the expelled Turkish army. The fastest and easiest way to replace work power was immigration and resettling, which happened in two waves from the middle of the 17th century.

The end of the 17th century

The responsibility of the Abbey

The Abbots of Pannonhalma Abbey took great responsibility in settlement. Thus, a great number of settlers arrived in Pannonhalma, mainly from German areas. Thomas Menner brewmaster also arrived in Pannonhalma (called Szent-Márton at the end of the 17th century) with settlers.


Pannonhalma, the new centre of brewery

However, Thomas Menner did not arrive as a penniless immigrant escaping from poverty, but as an enterpriser in the modern sense of the word, someone who was looking for challenges in his new home country. He was a prestigious man, as the Abbot of that time, Egyed Karned made an agreement with him in a document kept in the library of the Abbey up to now.


Reconstruction of Menner's Brewery

The Brewery built by Thomas Menner is at 1 Szabadság Square, Pannonhalma. The reconstruction of the building, which used to be brewmasters’ home, started in 2012.